About us

We design, create and install complete interiors for homes and businesses. From armchairs, kitchens and conference tables to lighting plans, doors and custom cabinets, we deliver quality products. But why? Because we love quality. We love authentic, honest, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. We love taking beautiful things and making them go together. This shows in our design and production process as well as in our choice to use durable materials.

We would like to make the world a little more beautiful every day.

Meet our team

How it all started

Wood Creations was founded in 2005 by us, Maarten van den Burg and Maurice Robers, friends and dedicated colleagues. We wanted to provide people with truly beautiful, durable furniture.

Our finely crafted products soon began to sell themselves. Within two years, our furniture shop was booming.

We moved to a bigger building and made bigger plans. We wanted to design entire living and working spaces to be both beautiful and durable. So, we began to look for furniture makers, upholsterers and reliable suppliers who shared our vision.

Thanks to them and our loyal customers, we succeeded!
Today, Wood Creations is a thriving business with a passionate and professional team working six days per week to make the world a little more beautiful.
We are a company with a heart for hearth and home.

A company with a heart for hearth and home